Trade Logistics

You will not always get what you want locally hence the need for international purchasing. Buying internationally is a complex process because of the activity and risks involved. As a buyer, you will always be faced with questions to do with buying what you can not see, transporting the bought item without being fully involved in the process, the risks involved and trade arrangement technicalities.

At ABN Trading, we are saying that you leave the hassle involved to us and we shall provide through our team of experts, the answers to all your questions. You may choose to be initially involved, wholly involved or decide that you will handle the fragmentation business at your store/shop/distribution point etc. All you need to do is fill in our trade logistics form and we shall know what it is that you would like us to do for you. We can stand in for you from sourcing to delivering at an agreed point which can be a seaport, an inland redistribution centre-IRDC and/or your Store/door step.

Let us find, negotiate, buy, do the documentation management, International physical distribution and delivery on your behalf and as per your requirements. You need not worry about the service fee for this very high standard international trade logistics service by some of the leading industry experts and professionals. The benefits are immense.


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International trading and transport has had centuries of existence. It has gone through times of unqualified and unskilled traders and personnel to the times of sophistication. With advancement in the business world today, trading and transport has and is still going through enormous changes driven by investment in tonnage and e-commerce, raising professional standards at all levels of the organisational setting.

There is more focus on trade by authorities globally and changes in the legal environment, marketing and finance with the requirement for a professional approach in trading and transport activities taking centre stage in achieving organisational objectives At ABN Trading we focus on a business environment in which we operate and devise strategies to ensure we remain competitive.

We have developed a secure procurement environment supported by one of the most advanced automated procurement systems. Our reliable automated and communication systems coupled with the expertise at ABN Trading, are the answer to all your procurement requirements

We will arrange packing, warehousing, customs clearance, container leasing, connection to agents, ship brokers and managers and offer advice on all areas relative to International freight movement. Our team of shipping experts would also welcome inquiries in regard to shipping research