About Us

Web Werahouse Image 1ABN Trading Limited is an International trading and transport company based in the United Kingdom. Our range of products and services include equipment and parts for the hydro energy, marine, brewery and water industries, construction equipment and parts, wire rope, and passenger lifts and parts.

We provide a sourcing and procurement of industrial products and materials service, backed by an International freight movement control service through operational alliances with some of the leading freighting companies with whom we have established a long term working relationship. With ABN Trading, you have access to top quality white non GMO maize, Sugar and Soya bean in bulk. For any other major or minor bulks, that is, dry and liquid not indicated in here, you can write to us and a member of our sales team will respond to your inquiry.

Our team of trading and transport professionals have years of International trading and transport of industrial products and materials experience, a business operated on a UK source and cross trade basis. Your trading arrangements through us will not only allow you benefit from our skills and up to standard international trading and transport systems, but will also put you at advantage in relation to the complete securing of your international trading projects.